Lisa Weiner (irishgeminigurl) wrote in girlswithholes,
Lisa Weiner

I promised, a day late, but here they are!

Ok. I said I would post some pictures.. this is all I have right now...

Pic1: That is a REALLY old picture of me, I don't have the nose ring anymore, and I don't look like that anymore...(Did this one myself)
Pic2: I now have the tragus' done, and will try to get a pic of that, I also have a 10gage in my first hole, and a 14 in my second.(Ears done at Peircing Pagoda, tragus' at Skin Creations)
Pic3: My navel. It was peirced wrong, not enough skin. I think I might take it out, and after it heals get it done again. (Done at Acme in Nakomis)
Pic4: My tounge. This is a pic of my glow stick ring. I now have a 10 gage. Ill get a pic of that too, soon. (Done at Skin Creations &heart; )
Pic5: My first tattoo. It says "Gemini 06-16-84", (Done at Body Art in North Port)
Pic6: My most recent tat. Done about a week ago. (Done at S&M Body Peircings and Tattoo's in Sarasota)

More to come!

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