davekrueger (davekrueger) wrote in girlswithholes,

Looking for, the BALD, the PIERCED, and the BEAUTIFUL in North Alabama!

Are you BALD or PIERCED and living in North Alabama?

I am a fine art photographer in Huntsville and am looking for models for a new project.

Model Qualifications:  Slender females who are bald and/or have multiple facial piercings.  Also males who have extreme hairstyles (Mohawk, spikes, etc) and/or multiple facial piercings.

Type/Use of photos:  The photos will be shot in my studio and will be used as part of my artistic collection which may be exhibited, published, or sold as fine art prints.

Compensation:  Models will receive 8x10 copies of prints.  Quantity will be 3-8 prints depending on length of session.

Samples of work:  More information about what I do and samples of my work can be found at the Krueger Fine Art Photography website.

Contact:   dave@kruegerphoto.com or contact me through my website to esure you get through my SPAM screener.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who fits the above criteria.  Or, if you know someone else who does, I would be grateful if you would pass the information on to them.

Thank you!

Dave Krueger
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